Irish Prisoners (ICPO)

Irish Chaplaincy Prison Outreach (ICPO) provides a specialised response to the needs of the Irish prisoner here in Britain.

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We offer a comprehensive service to Irish prisoners and their families by:

  • Identifying and responding to the needs of Irish prisoners and their families.
  • Visiting prisoners and assisting families with travel and accommodation.
  • Researching and providing relevant information to prisoners and their families including on issues such as as deportation, repatriation and prison transfers. 
  • Representing prisoners’ interests to the appropriate authorities (including embassies, welfare agencies, social welfare departments, probation, legal officers, etc.).
  • Networking with prison-based agencies, as well as other groups and organisations concerned with the welfare of prisoners.
  • Focusing public attention on issues affecting Irish prisoners. 
  • Engaging in practical work in aid of justice and human rights for Irish prisoners overseas.

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Our national office in London has responsibility for providing these services across England and Wales where Irish prisoners constitute the third largest ethnic population of prisoners in the criminal justice system.

Irish prisoners in the rest of the world (outside of England and Wales) and their families in Ireland can receive support from a charity in Ireland:
Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas (ICPO)
Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland
+353 1 505 3156



A quarter of a century of support for Irish prisoners abroad

“Over the past 25 years, as many people turned away from prisoners and washed their hands of them, it was your (ICPO) unexpected and reliable hand of friendship which let them know that they had an innate dignity that no system could overwhelm and no act of their own could obliterate”.
-- President Mary McAleese, at the ICPO’s 25th anniversary Conference, Dublin, 9th November 2010




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To enquire about our service to Irish prisoners please call: 020 7482 4148 or email